Register now for European HPC Summit Week 2016

Monday, April 11, 2016

The European project European eXtreme Data & Computing Initiative (EXDCI) is organizing the first edition of the European HPC Summit Week which will take place from 9 to 12 May in Prague, Czech Republic. The four-day summit comprises a number of HPC events running concurrently: an EXDCI Workshop , PRACEdays16 , the workshop titled “EuroLab4HPC: Why is European HPC running on US hardware?” and the ETP4HPC Extreme-Scale Demonstrators Workshop as well as other private meetings organized during the week. 

The event will kick off at midday on Monday 9 May with the EXDCI workshop, the follow-up to the first EXDCI workshop organized in Rome last September. The aim is to provide an update on the status of ongoing FETHPC, European Exascale projects and Centres of Excellence (CoE) so that participants and stakeholders can better understand the development of the European HPC ecosystem. 

From Tuesday midday until Thursday afternoon, PRACEdays16 will feature international keynote presentations from high-level scientists and researchers from academia and industry. On Wednesday 11 May, 18 parallel sessions will provide opportunities for 12 scientists and six industrial researchers to present their work. On the last day, a closing panel moderated by Tom Wilkie of Scientific Computing World will wrap up the conference. A poster session and cocktail reception, PRACE User Forum Open Session, networking dinner, and several awards complete the three-day event.

On Tuesday afternoon and in parallel to PRACEdays16, Eurolab4HPC will hold its workshop titled “Why is European HPC running on US hardware? EuroLab4HPC: connecting HPC and Systems.” This workshop is aimed at the HPC community of Europe, and focuses on the state of the art in European Computing Systems and Architectures and its use in HPC.

The week will finish with the Extreme-Scale Demonstrators (EsDs) workshop (by invitation only) taking place on 12th May. In this workshop, the ETP4HPC team will invite all European HPC ecosystem stakeholders, i.e. the developers and providers of HPC technology (including potential system integrators of the EsDs), application communities, infrastructure providers and representatives of the Commission to join a discussion on the EsD implementation process. EsDs are HPC system prototypes built from technologies produced by the European HPC projects. The aim of this workshop is to verify the preparedness of the technologies available for the delivery of complete and competitive European HPC systems.

“The first edition of the European HPC Summit week includes HPC related conferences and workshops. Attendees will be able to network with representatives of a range of HPC projects and be informed about the latest activities in HPC. EXDCI is planning for additional HPC related conferences and communities to be hosted by European HPC Summit week 2017,” says Sergi Girona, EXDCI coordinator.

The registration fee is €60. If you are interested in attending the complete week (or part of it), please complete the centralised registration form by April 29th: