EU participation in standards

HPC is not a field where a standards organisation is predominant and most of the so-called standards are de facto standards. In this context, and with the rising importance of HPDA, there are important stakes for Europe to be represented in various organisations that have some influence on how new technologies could reach a market acceptance.

When the user base is larger than HPC (like Linux or containers), it is important to make sure that the technical directions will definitely consider HPC constraints such as performance or scalability. When the communities are limited to HPC, it is important to promote the European user views and new technologies developed in Europe. For HPDA, there is a need to define interface standards with the HPC world that will facilitate the access to large computing facilities by the Big Data and Machine Learning communities.

EXDCI aims to increase the European participation in standards for HPC through three actions:

  • Construct a list of the European experts who are present in most important standard organisations, including both research and industrial experts
  • Identify the most relevant technologies developed in Europe that could be established as de facto standards for HPC and HPDA
  • Promote, through the involvement of the European experts, the acceptance of European technologies as HPC-HPDA de facto standards

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