HPC-Europa 3

“A close collaboration between EXDCI-2 and HPC-Europa3 is very desirable as HPC-Europa3 project is going to serve as a starting point for researchers applying in the HPC-Europa3 opportunities which could help in their natural evolution towards future deployment of HPC Exascale infrastructures, while EXDCI-2 defines the research priorities and action plans in the area of HPC technology provision.”

With HPC-Europa3 representing the European research community, and EXDCI-2 focussing on the European HPC strategy, such a collaboration allows cooperation in activities supporting the goals of EXDCI-2 and HPC-Europa3 through:

  • Dissemination of relevant information among their respective communities
  • Provision of mutual advice on their domain of expertise towards the definition of HPC-Europa3’s sustainability road map and EXDCI-2’s Strategic Research Agenda.

logo HPC-EuropaHPC-Europa3 is a multi-disciplinary programme for short collaborative research visits with transnational access to some of Europe’s biggest supercomputing resources. The programme covers the expenses of researchers (from postgraduate students to senior professors) so they can carry out scientific collaboration in any relative computational science field, while having access to HPC facilities and technical support by HPC centers. The EXDCI-2 project mobilises the European HPC stakeholder community by developing and supporting a competitive European HPC Exascale Strategy and coordinating the stakeholder community for European HPC at the Exascale through joint community structuring and synchronisation.