Ecosystem recommendations

Recommendations: paving the way for the future of European HPC

The EXDCI projects help the European HPC Community to conduct the transition from today’s petascale systems to the exascale era.

To achieve this goal, the EXDCI projects were involved in the creation and updates of European Technological Roadmaps towards exascale such as the ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda and the PRACE Scientific Case. EXDCI also worked on specific topic such as the place of SMEs in the European HPC Ecosystem.

EXDCI also issued two sets of holistic vision and recommendations reports that address the petascale to exascale challenge in a global and long-term perspective. Those reports can be downloaded on our website:

Many of these recommendations have spread through other European initiatives.

Entering the Exascale era is of extreme importance for the EU position in science and technology, with results expected to impact our societies and competitiveness. Reaching the Exascale is not an incremental change and it happens side-by-side with a paradigm shift with the impact of Big Data on HPC.

General recommendation to prepare the European Union to the exascale era

For the European Union to move forward to this new era and remain at the top of the global race, EXDCI identified three main axes, all of them being pursued with outstanding effort from the EU.

1. Pre Exascale machines are important for the communities to adapt to the new era. This is one of the objectives of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

2. EU HPC must adapt to extreme data and prepare to the convergence. This is the objective of EXDCI-2 collaboration with BDVA and BDEC2.

3. The EU must invest on EU-based hardware for HPC capabilities to cope with its lack of hardware technology. This is the objective of the European Processor Initiative.