Pathway to convergence

In 2018, the BDEC conference results were summarized in a research paper published in the International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications. The paper titled "Big data and extreme-scale computing: Pathways to Convergence-Toward ashaping strategy for a future softwareand data ecosystem for scientific inquiry" known as “Pathway to Convergence”, discusses the establishment of a computing continuum where, in a near future, the scientific computing will be radically impacted by the proliferation of data and the way to analyse them. 

This report is the result of the EXDCI team collaborating with other international members of the EXDCI ecosystem. The conclusions of the BDEC community work paved the way for the establishment of the international BDEC2 conference series in which EXDCI-2 is involved. 

Download the BDEC "Pathways to Converge" report 

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