EU HPC monitoring

Monitoring activities is important to ensure that the European HPC strategy delivers its expected results or to detect deviations. EXDCI projects support these monitoring activities by gathering data and generating analysis on the development of the European HPC ecosystem and the impact of the Research & Innovation activities linked to the HPC cPPP strategy. The approach of EXDCI is complementary to other sources and analysis such as the PRACE KPIs.

EXDCI monitoring analysis are included in the annual Progress Monitoring Report of ETP4HPC. As such the EXDCI scope is to measure the impact of the EU funding for the HPC ecosystem and our methodology follows the common guidelines set up by the European Commission for all the cPPPs with a focus on four key performance indicators:

  • Mobilisation of private investment
  • News skills and job profiles
  • Impact on SMEs
  • Creation of significant innovations

For EXDCI-2 to assess those KPIs, data are gathered from the HPC community through surveys and interviews conducted among all the HPC stakeholders (research organisations, SMEs and CoEs – with the help of the Focus CoE project). EXDCI-2 also relies on data generated by other organisations such as the DG Connect of the European Commission.