EXDCI at ORAP Forum 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016

The 37th edition of the ORAP Forum was dedicated to the evolution of the European HPC landscape and on the return on experience on accelerators and other many-cores architecture. On this occasion, the EXDCI project coordinator, Sergi Girona presented an overview of the EXDCI project. The ORAP forum decided to highlight for its 2016 edition the evolution of the European HPC ecosystem, boosted by initiatives on Exascale and driven by the EC strategy implemented in Horizon 2020. To present this evolution, the ORAP forum gathered the main projects which structure the European policy on HPC, organised around three pillars: PRACE 2 (infrastructure), ETP4HPC (technological developments) and Centers of Excellence (applications). 

EXDCI, as the main EU project to coordinate the development and implementation of a common strategy for the European HPC ecosystem, was at the heart of this topic. Sergi Girona presented the goal and first results achieved within the EXDCI project. With the presentation made by Catherine Rivière for PRACE, Jean-François Lavignon for ETP4HPC and Edouard Audit for the Centers of Excellence, all three pillars of the European strategy have given an insight on their work and an overview on the global evolution of the European HPC ecosystem. The second part of the forum has been the occasion to give an overview of research and development activities on accelerated supercomputing and many-cores architecture. The presentation particularly focused on how codes and numerical methods have evolved to take advantage of the potential performances of the new scales of calculation speed capabilities.

See Sergi Girona's video here:

See Jean-François Lavignon's (ETP4HPC) presentation here