BDEC2 "Demonstrators for the Digital Continuum" Workshop in Poznan

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The latest workshop in the BDEC2 series was organised by EXDCI-2 and held, in conjunction with the EuroHPC summit, in Poznań Poland.

The workshop gathered 50 invited participants from the 3 major HPC regions: Europe, US and Asia. The hosting country, Poland, was represented by PSNC (Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center). The theme of the workshop was "Demonstrators for the Digital Continuum".

During the 2-day workshop (see agenda) there was an opening plenary session within the EuroHPC Summit, followed by demonstrator presentations and breakout groups. The opening session was attended by a large number of participants and the 2 keynotes (Rosa Badia of BSC, David Keyes of KAUST) were highly appreciated.

The rest of the workshop (in closed session), dedicated to demonstrators, was a success and major European and international application communities were present, including LHC, SKA, CNES.

The principal outcome is an agreement to pursue the development of 2 major international demonstrators:

1. Global data logistics network

2. Machine learning everywhere

The plan is to request international and multilateral funding to support the development of these 2 demonstrators.

All the presentations given during the workshop are downloadable on the BDEC2 website.