Birds-of-a-feather session at ISC19

19 June 2019
14:45 to 15:45

Frankfurt (Germany)

EXDCI-2 will participate to the Eurolab4HPC project’s BoF session titled “What are the Greatest Challenges to be Addressed by Academic HPC Systems Research?” organised in June at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC19) in Frankfurt, Germany. This session will bring together academic researchers and interested stakeholders to discuss, assess and contribute to Eurolab4HPC’s vision for academic research in high performance computing.

The objective of Eurolab4HPC is to strengthen academic research excellence and innovation in HPC in Europe, by structuring the HPC community, disseminating its news, promoting entrepreneurship as well as stimulating technology transfer. This session, presented by several professors and researchers, is intended to be the first public workshop in the process of preparing the 2020 update of Eurolab4HPC’s Long Term Vision on High-Performance Computing, which will be published in January 2020.

Click here for further details about the session.

EXDCI-2 will also share a booth (No B-1320) with PRACE and ETP4HPC at the ISC 2019 Exhibition. You can see the full exhibitors' list here.