Training Roadmap

EXDCI has produced an HPC Training Roadmap which builds on the prior activities, surveys and reports of the EXDCI members – PRACE and ETP4HPC – and their partners, as well as EESI2, in their own specific spheres of expertise.

It gives an overview of the current status of HPC training provision, and examines the future training needs of the community and how the gaps can be bridged. It considers how HPC training can be made more accessible, and how it can be scaled up to meet rising demand, including looking at the university sector and provision for undergraduate and graduate students. It recommends short-term and medium- to long-term actions to address the identified challenges.

Download the HPC Training Roadmap to find out  more. 

Please note that this is the submitted version of Deliverable D5.4 which is still to be approved by the project reviewers.  The final version will be made available here at a later date.