Employer guidance

The purpose of this page is to provide employers and recruiters with recommendations on how to structure and formulate job vacancy advertisments or job posts, either to be published on the EXDCI job portal or elsewhere. We have compiled good practices from several job portals and organisations in the HPC field and prepared a guide on structuring job advertisments and several examples of well structured job descriptions.

Example job descriptions

These job descriptions are structured according to the suggested job structure above, and are intended to serve as a template on how to present the job characteristics in order to attract the best candidates.

Suggested job advertisment structure

While different job portals may not provide separate fields in which to enter the information about a job vacancy, we recommend to include the listed elements in your job advertisments, if available. Comprehensive information about a job vacancy will help prospective candidates decide which vacancies to pursue.

HPC related jobs can require very different skills and qualifications, however every job vacancy description should include certain information to help the potential candidates find your job post. Job post elements are suggested to be listed in the order presented here. We recommend to specify each job description element in an appropriate field within the job portal entry form, or within a separate, clearly marked paragraph.

You can see the suggested job advertisment structure by clicking the list below:

  • Job title
    • Official job title, preferably in English
    • Example: “Senior Researcher”
  • Organization
    • Should be listed in order to attract candidates, unless the employer wishes to stay anonymous.
  • Country
    • Location of employment will help candidates search for relevant jobs.
  • Job field
    • A short description in a sentence or two will help candidates find their preferred jobs.
    • Example: “Big Data Analyst: research on new solutions in the area of Big Data analytics for scalable applications”
  • Career level
    • Seniority level at the organization.
    • Examples: senior researcher, fellow, management, engineer, administrative
  • Contract type
    • Specify type (part-time, full time) and duration of contract
    • Example: “full time, 3 year contract with 6 month probationary period”
  • Salary level
    • If possible, specify the approximate starting annual salary, preferably after national taxes and insurance contributions.
  • Required education or background
    • Should specify required level of education (if defined), and required or desired field of education or experience.
    • Example: “PhD, ideally in the field of Computer Science” or “Background in data analytics.”
  • Required skills and certifications
    • Specific job skills and certifications, not evident from required education or job type. Should specify and tools and methodologies the candidates should have, and required level of expertise. Should also specify required language skills.
    • Example: “Excellent knowledge of Hadoop, General knowledge of parallel applications. Preferred candidates have also experience in data analytics on HPC infrastructures. CCNP Data Center certification is an advantage.
    • Example: “Excellent command of English (IRL level 4), working knowledge of German language (IRL level 2)
  • Job description
    • A paragraph of free text describing the job responsibilities and requirements opportunities for training and advancement and specific restrictions (e.g. legal).
    • Examples of responsibility types: planning and organising, problem solving, decision making, project management
    • Example: “…Disabled people will have priority as long as equally qualified.”
  • Application procedure
    • Address of the website or email address where the candidates can apply or find application details and any (short) specific instructions for the application.
    • Example: “The recruitment process will be made through the central administration department.
  • Deadline for application
    • Expiry date of job post will help candidates avoid job posts that are probably no longer relevant and will facilitate removal of old job posts.
  • Key words
    • To facilitate web search, list specific terms related to organisation, skills, technologies and work responsibilities.