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Not long ago, High Performance Computing (HPC) was a specialist, niche area.  In the last few years, it has become increasingly pervasive and now constitutes a vital tool in most areas of academic and industrial scientific reasearch. 

However, a lack of people with the right skills is hindering the full uptake of HPC.  This in turn is holding back economic growth and slowing the pace of vital research which could bring real socio-economic benefits.

With serial computing soon to be a thing of the past, it is more important than ever that today's workforce has the necessary skills to exploit HPC systems.  EXDCI aims to support the generation of young talent to address this problem.

Are you considering a career in HPC? 

Our HPC Career Case Studies aim to answer the questions: What sort of people work in HPC? What are their backgrounds and how did they move into HPC? Where has their career taken them - and where will it lead them next? What is exciting and satisfying about working in HPC? Read the personal stories of a variety of HPC specialists.

Howard Price Eilidh Troup Henri Doreau Elodie Dorain Romain Dolbeau Marta Garcia Felip Moll Marques Rosa Badia

Marta Cudova Jure Jerman Nix McDonnell Mehdi Amini Luna Backes Ondrej Vysocky Claudia Rosas Massi Alvioli Sunita Chandrasekaran

Maybe you are interested in learning (or learning more) about HPC? 

Our Training Portal lists upcoming training opportunities, from introductory courses to very specialised ones.  There is also a list of training providers who offer HPC courses, and lnks to online courses, video tutorials, and other training material.

Training providers can also register for an account in order to post their own course announcements on the EXDCI Training Portal - please go to to register.

Or perhaps you are looking for a job or looking to recruit in the area of HPC? 

Our Job Portal is a place to find or publicise HPC job vacancies (mainly in Europe).  It also provides links to other sites which advertise HPC-related jobs and features guidance for employers on writing job descriptions.

Employers can also register for an account in order to post their own course announcements on the EXDCI Job Portal - please go to to register.

Are you already an HPC professional wondering how to attract young talent to careers in HPC?

Read our Report on Promotion of HPC as a Career Choice, which looks at how HPC is currently promoted as a career option to the workforce of the future, and examines what should be done to increase the appeal of careers in HPC to young people. It also looks at the problem of how to retain valuable staff within the HPC arena, as the failure to keep hold of individuals with relevant skills also contributes to the shortage of expertise in the workforce.

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