FETHPC Results

In 2014, the European Commission funded 19 projects developing HPC technologies. These projects (called 'FET HPC 2014 projects') have produced a wealth of diverse results which constitute an important asset for the European HPC ecosystem. The EXDCI-2 project has compiled these outputs and organised them into the searchable database below. In case you search for a particular project, feel free to add the search function on the top right of this website. We hope it will allow these results to be reused, leading to synergies and collaborations between European (and overseas) players.

If you are interested in any of the results, please contact us indicating the output you are interested in and your motivation.

Mobile API/SDK for Android platform enabling managed connectivity to external routing system.
Domain: API
Targeted users: Application developer
Open Source: No
Miniapp HPC benchmark. Ligen Version with very limited functionalities including computational-intensive kernels to be used as HPC benchmark
Domain: Benchmark suite
Targeted users: Computing centre, HPC system provider
Open Source: No
Molecular docking application working only with geometric features including a large variety of tunable knobs
Domain: Software
Subtype: Application
Targeted users: End user
Open Source: No
Power management run-time for MPI-based applications
Domain: Software
Subtype: Runtime
Targeted users: Application developer, End user
Open Source: Yes
License: BSD 3-clause License