EXDCI at a glance

  1. Technological Roadmaps
    1. ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda
      1. H2020 FET HPC Calls 2014-2015
        1. First Call: HPC Core Technologies, Programming Environments and Algorithms for Extreme Parallelism and Extreme Data Applications
        2. Centres of Excellence
        3. CSA Call: HPC Ecosystem Development
      2. H2020 FET HPC Calls 2016-2017
        1. First Call: Co-design of HPC systems and applications
        2. Secon Call: Transition to Exascale Computing
        3. CSA Call
      3. Contractual Public-Private Partnership
    2. Applications: Prace Scientific Case
      1. PSC 2015 version
      2. First set of recommendations and reports toward applications
      3. Next Prace Scientific Case to appear in 2017
    3. Roadmaps Implementations Paths
      1. Extreme scale Demonstrator - EsD
        1. The Extreme-Scale Demonstrators concept: Current State of Definition
      2. HPC Important Project of Common European Importance
        1. HPC IPCEI Press Release
  2. Computing and Data Convergence
    1. Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) initiative
    2. Big Data Value Association Initiative
      1. ETP4HPC - BDVA cPPPs Position Paper
    3. BoF at SC16
  3. Ecosystem Recommendations
    1. Encouraging commercial relationships between SMEs and industry through European R&D projects
    2. Concerted approach to HPC training in Europe
    3. Incentives to increase EU stakeholders participation in international standards initiatives
    4. IPCEI for advanced HPC research and innovations
    5. Paving the way from EsD development towards applications
    6. Improving capitalization of FETHPC and CoE results
    7. Operational policies and federation toward convergence
    8. Big Data and extreme scale international initiative
    9. Acces to advanced technologies
  4. Analysis
    1. Report on first technical workshop
    2. First Report on cross-cutting issues and disruptive innovation strategies
    3. Report on start-up mature technologies
  5. Public Deliverables
    1. D3.1 First set of recommendations and reports toward applications
    2. D4.5 Second report on crosscutting issues and disruptive innovation strategies
    3. D.5.1 HPC Career Case Studies
    4. D5.3 Report on Promotion of HPC as a Career
    5. D5.4 HPC Training Roadmap
    6. D6.2 Analysis of international collaboration opportunities for the European projects
  1. H2020 HPC current projects
    1. FET HPC & CoE Production
    2. Centers of Excellence
      1. BioExcel: Biomolecular Reasearch
      2. CoeGSS: Global Systems Science
      3. CompBioMed: Computational Biomedicine
      4. E-CAM: 150 robust software modules
      5. EoCoE: Energy Oriented Center of Excellence
      6. ESiWACE: Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe
      7. MaX: Materials design at Exascale
      8. NOMAD: Computational materials science
      9. POP: Performance Optimization and Productivity
    3. FET HPC Projects
      1. ALLScale
      2. ANTAREX
      3. ComPat
      4. ECOSCALE
      5. ESCAPE
      6. ExaFLOW
      7. ExaHyPe
      8. ExaNest
      9. ExaNode
      10. ExCAPE
      11. EXTRA
      12. greenFLASH
      13. INTERTWinE
      14. MANGO
      15. MontBlanc-3
      16. NextGenIO
      17. NLAFET
      18. READEX
      19. SAGE