International collaboration

EXDCI project is open to international collaboration opportunities due to:

  • The important place that European HPC expertise occupies in the international scene.
  • The high level of interest in the results of the European projects of the international community.

The European HPC Ecosystem should identify a number of areas that needs to be prioritized by organizing common workshops in selected areas, research visits, joint road-mapping initiatives, as well as joints calls and other funding mechanisms. In order to move forward, EXDCI provides the following tools to facilitate the collaboration among all HPC projects:

  • Active participation in ISC and SC conferences both at the exhibition floor or by organizing BoF sessions in order to promote the European HPC Technology Projects
  • A survey implemented to obtain information on all European HPC projects and their needs
  • An updated European HPC Technology Handbook
  • Established collaborations with other international members of the HPC ecosystem via the BDEC initiative whose outcome is a new international roadmap called “Pathways to Convergence” 
  • Established collaborations with Big Data initiatives such as Big Data Value Association and European Open Science Cloud

Caption: BDEC meeting 2017, Wuxi (China)