Strategic Research Agenda

ETP4HPC issues and maintains this Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) as a mechanism to provide contextual guidance to European Researchers and Businesses and also to guide EU priorities for research in the Horizon 2020 HPC programme. This SRA delineates a roadmap for the achievement of European exascale capabilities focusing on the following areas: HPC System Architecture and Components, Energy and Resiliency, Programming Environment, System Software and Management, Big Data and HPC Usage Models, Balance Compute, I/O and Storage Performance, Mathematics and algorithms for extreme scale HPC systems and Extreme-Scale Demonstrators.

The approach followed to structure the SRA has been to combine ETP4HPC members technical and market knowledge (internal) with that of external experts and sources alike.

  • Analyses completed by other initiatives (including EESI and PlanetHPC)
  • Input obtained from PRACE
  • Input obtained during workshops and interviews involving industrial HPC end-users
  • Input from ISVs obtained through a workshop, a survey and interviews

ETP4HPC maintains the SRA on a continuous basis. The first SRA was issued in 2013 and an update (SRA2) was published in November 2015. The latest SRA 3 was published in Nov 2017.

The SRA reflects the needs of the European HPC Technology providers and other members of the European HPC ecosystem, i.e.: PRACE (academic users), industrial HPC end users, Independent Software Vendors. It has been alos used the conclusions made available by other initiatives such as HiPEAC, EESI and PlanetHPC. It also contains feedback from the Big Data community (represented by the Big Data Value Association).

Whilst this report points heavily towards the H2020 HPC program for its delivery, the primary objective is to develop Europe’s HPC ecosystem and maximise its exploitation.

Figure 1 – The four dimensions of the SRA