Impact Monitoring-methods and Tools

EXDCI will generate and gather data and also to create the necessary analysis tools to support informed decision-making in relation to: 

  • the development of the European HPC Ecosystem; and, 
  • the impact of the Research &Innovation activities linked to the HPC cPPP strategy. 

It is of upmost importance to measure and show the effectiveness of H2020 HPC programmes and to involve all stakeholders in this effort – especially for the collection of some data which is needed for proper monitoring. EXDCI will pay special attention to the design of the related surveys, so as to minimise respondent efforts, and then, providing provide periodic feedback.
EXDCI will deliver the following:

  • A set of methodologies (covering data gathering, impact and performance metrics and analysis tools) to be used in the measurement of ecosystem development and progress. Linked to this will be a definition of processes, which will deliver and monitor the related metrics on a regular basis. One key output will be a template for the operation of an HPC Ecosystem Balanced ScoreCard. 
  • KPI reports, accomplished through the operation of the HPC Ecosystem Balanced ScoreCard, which will allow the periodic monitoring of the implementation of the HPC cPPP Strategy. This monitoring will include recommendations on the strategies adopted. Feedback will be provided through regular cPPP meetings, and through a mid-term assessment of the HPC cPPP in mid-2017.
  • An Ecosystem Map identifying all players and their capabilities in joint effort with PRACE 

ETP4HPC and PRACE are joining forces in this effort, building on previous work:

  • PRACE KPIs have been defined and implemented, and are regularly updated
  • ETP4HPC and the EC will set-up a set of KPIs to be monitored within the HPC cPPP